Early Morning Sun Turns the Georgia Power Building Golden

Early Morning Sun Turns the Georgia Power Building Golden


The Georgia Power building gleams black, tall,

an angular edifice buzzing with commerce.

Daily, I take my daughter to school—we chat, listen to music, sometimes argue—then,

alone, I pass it, driving eastward, going to work.


The deep black, its size, like a huge onyx ornament,

draws my eye each day—as architecturally intended, I suppose.

One winter morning—

Was it the sun’s angle at that time of year, plus that precise time of the morning?

Was it that particular light-dispersing arrangement of clouds?

 —that morning, the glowing, rising sun extended its rays to the building and changed the black to gold, top to bottom, even around a corner. A massive sculpted ingot.


Was it telling us: Look here, we change black oil to glittery wealth? That power enriches? That we—we—make this city hum and prosper, and don’t you forget it?


Or was it simply saying: What good fortune you have, to be with your daughter those rich twenty minutes.


Jerry Gentry

November 2013